The Bubbles Box

A wise person once said, ‘If you are ever sad, say the word ‘bubbles’ 10 times and it will put a smile on your face’ … we hope the same is true with this Bubbles Box.

Create a variety of bubbles-based cocktails (prosecco or sparkling water) with this box, including Spritz, Pornstar Martinis and more!

Contains 3 mixers, garnishes and recipe booklet.

  • Passionfruit & Vanilla
  • Rose & Elderflower
  • Cucumber, Lime & Basil
  • Citrus sugar garnish
  • Dehydrated lemon slices
  • Dehydrated lime slices

Makes 8-9 cocktails.

*Needs to be refrigerated*



Foxglove Loves

We recommend that these mixers are used to create delicious bubbles-based cocktails, with prosecco or sparkling water. Alternatively, they can be used to make other alcohol-based cocktails.

These mixers are vegan and gluten-free.

These boxes have approx 10 days shelf-life.

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