Non-Alcoholic Craft Cocktail Mixers, Garnishes and Cocktail Boxes!


All our cocktails are vegan friendly

Made in Cork

100% Irish in everyway


Designed to be mixed with alcohol

These cocktail mixers are a real treat and a perfect solution for a small party or gathering..all you need is your own choice of alcohol and your guests have the fun of mixing up their own cocktails. The flavours are fantastic..I loved the blackberry smash in particular and the garnishes are particularly cute.
Juli Rea
Delicious cocktail mixers. I love the Grapefruit Sour and Blackberry Smash. Foxglove do beautiful garnishes to accompany their drinks.
Aisling Ryan
Love LOVE these guys! Their mixers make for the tastiest of cocktails. A much welcomed business in West Cork 🙂
Phoebe Webb
Delicious cocktails. It wouldn’t be a celebration without including Foxglove cocktails. The blackberry smash & espresso martini are to die for...
Daniel Ryan
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